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Fire Restoration

In the time between 2009 and 2011 The U.S. Fire Administration reported 740 deaths in residential fires alone. Sadly, easy fixes such as keeping the lint trap in the dryer cleaned could have prevented the vast majority of these cases. When attempting to safe guard yourself and your family against the dangers of residential fires there are three key terms the experts advise you keep in mind – mitigation, prevention and restoration.

Fire Mitigation

Mitigation is defined as the effort to reduce loss of both life and property in the case of a disaster. This dictates that the mitigation process is two fold. First, it means taking action to educate yourself about the various potential risks that are in your environment. Second, it means being proactive about instituting measures to either stop them completely or at the very least manage them.

Damage Restoration

The process of fire damage is one that doesn’t begin until authorities have stated a property is safe. Often many surfaces will show signs of corrosion from the acidic byproducts of smoke. The attempt to extinguish a fire can, and in many cases does cause more damage then the fire itself. For these reasons fire damage restoration focuses on smoke, heat, and water damage.

What Can You Do?

Dealing with fire damage can be an overwhelming experience. Before you do anything ensure the area is being ventilated. Open doors and windows to allow air flow. Remove kids and pets from the environment, inhaling the debris in the aftermath of a fire is never recommended.

Second, call the experts at Danny’s Restoration. Our professionals will arrive promptly and aid with further instructions that will help you mitigate costs and get your home back to normal as soon as possible.

Other Tips Include

  • Start with a neighbor you trust for immediate aid then move them to a temporary home with friends or family until the fire restoration is complete.
  • We recommend contacting a neighbor for timely aid then, during the fire restoration process staying with a relative or friend.
  • In the even you’ve lost power make sure to empty the freezer and refrigerator. If you keep the doors open it can help stop odors from building up.
  • Look through your home, making notes of any items that have been damaged and need replacing. Insurance companies will want want copies.

Danny’s Restoration Will Handle It

Due to the dangers or smoldering ash and toxic gases there are many tasks you should leave to us. Our experts are outfitted with the proper tools for jobs like this.


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