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TES Water Damage

At Danny’s Restoration & Cleaning, we are proud to offer TES™ (Thermal Energy System) for our water damage restoration customers.Using TES™, we can dry most jobs in under 30 hours; including carpet, carpet cushion, hardwood, walls, and substrates. This reduces mold/structural damage.

TES™ is a unique water-damage restoration system that combines new and current technology in a whole new way. Utilizes the “Reets Evaporation Method” combining controlled heat and air flow to produce high-speed evaporation and dramatically improve the drying process. The Reets Evaporation Method teaches us that “temperature control/

increase” in the water is what will really accelerate evaporation. The more energy/heat that can be transferred directly to the water, the more vapor pressure will build in the water. As the vapor pressure in the heated water builds, it rockets past the vapor pressure of the ambient air; the greater the separation of vapor pressures in water and air, the faster the water will turn into a vapor-gas (humidity).

The TES™thermal energy system is the new patent-pending equipment necessary to apply the Reets Evaporation Method to drying.

The system incorporates a 250,000 thousand BTU boiler that super heats a unique freeze-proof liquid. The heated liquid is pumped through insulated hoses to the thermal exchanger units, strategically placed in the water damaged area, effectively transferring the heat in the remaining water.


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