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My Unseen Hero

Hello my name is heather i am a stage 4 pancreatic cancer and luekemia patient, long story short ihad a medical emergency that now requires me to have oxygen in my home. BUT you have to meet a sanitation criteria, and i have pets, before they will “set you up” i called many companies what i need done was extensive to say the least and to be frank i have limited resorces anyway i got estimates ranging from

150-425$ way out of my price range, well without being asked danny came to my house made me a great deal, unfortunately still out of reach for me. Later that evening i get a text from danny saying “i understand”, that was it?!?! Well as I write this danny is working hard to make sure i get my oxygen!! and as far as his work….wow…what i thought would need replacing is new again!! Thanks danny….i now have a healthy home and a WONDERFULL new friend..‎
-By Heather on June 22, 2010

Dry Cleaned Drapes Onsite

“I can’t believe how fast Danny contacted me! I just had typed my name in the computer and there was Danny phoning me up! I only had two small jobs but he was very professional and polite. He was able to get the stain out of my carpet and my drapes. We had a cat who sprayed on the carpet and the drapes, cat urine is one of the hardest smells to get rid of, Danny seemed to be able to get rid of the stain and smell”
-Tarpon Springs Fl

Quality Service

“We were very impressed with Danny – he was upfront about the condition of the carpet and what our expectations should be. He was very thorough and upon completion, we were amazed a

t what he was able to accomplish. My husband and I are very happy to recommend his services with the utmost confidence.
-Dr. Jo-Anne W, St. Petersburg, FL

Cleaned Carpets

“Danny was on time, very informative, and personable. He truly knows what he is doing and takes the time to do his work well. I would definitely recommend him to anyone seeking an honest and hardworking carpet cleaner. ”
-Clearwater Fl

Ross Childers

We got the name from a friend. He answered the phone at 4 in the morning and come within 2 hours. He did all the work and kept us informed. They got it it done in 4 days, and called at least 2 times a day. He met with the insurance and let them know what they were going to do. They sent us a gift card for using them.

janet ward

Danny has been my guardian angel for this experience I have had with water damage in my house. He came to my house immediately after I contacted him in the evening and he checked the damage and set up fans to dry out the walls that were wet. After the dishwasher was removed from the walls he set up a heater to dry out my cabinets and my walls in the kitchen. I escaped any damage to the walls and my kitchen cabinets. When I had another issue with additional damage caused by another vendor, Danny came to the house right away to dry out the walls once again; He was responsive, had a great sense of urgency, assisted me with getting a contractor in place and navigating the insurance company. I would recommend Danny very highly. The ultimate in customer service, a nice guy to deal with and has a real concern for his customers


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